AND we've finally moved! These two are out of Valencia and finally into the actual city of Los Angeles. We are loving our adorable bungalow, and are in the slow long process of decorating it constantly. The room that is the most resolved so far is the kitchen- because you don't really need to purchase furniture. It's kinda all built in for ya... 

Since moving- I've really tried taking my zero waste lifestyle practices to a new level. Some of these alternative solutions have been possible simply because of where I am living now. For example- I live WALKING distance to a farmer's market now that happens twice a week. This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. It makes avoiding packaging so much easier because you can talk directly with the farmer's / people connected to your food. And they are way more likely to accommodate your high maintenance needs simply because they can. I hope to take more photos of the beautiful Silver Lake farmer's market- and share more of my shopping tips. 

Anyways- that's part of why my kitchen feels more complete to me now. It feels the way I've hoped to keep a kitchen someday. 

Just wanted to point out a few of my favorite things about my kitchen... They are all linked below!

The built in white corner cupboard was already built in, so unfortunately I can't take credit for that. 

Magnetic Knife Strip >> This is super convenient while cooking and you don't have the risk of cutting your fingers reaching into drawers full of blades. This one reasonably affordable too, looks super sleek, and can be cleaned with a quick damp wipe down. I also keep the fork we use for Xena's dog food up there since we use it everyday. I keep it separate from the others because I'm a germaphobe and well, vegan. 

Eco Jarz >> You can barely see it, but in my sink there is a funky looking jar lid. These lids are amazing- they fit your average wide mouth jar, are stainless steel, and (the best part) equipped with a sip hole that forms to your mouth perfectly. It also comes lined in silicone so it stays leak proof. They sell little plugs for the sip hole as well along with other accessories, but I haven't purchased any yet. 

Soma Water Filter >> If you drink a lot of water, this filter is for you. This pitcher holds more water than any other filter I've used. It holds 80oz of water! (They do have smaller options too) I was a sucker for their sleek design, but the fact that make sustainable efforts was the selling point for me. Partial profit funds go to charities helping provide waters to those in need. They are made in the USA out of post consumer waste and fully recyclable materials. The filter is made out of plant based PLA and charred coconut filling. The sustainabily harvested white oak handle is easy on the eyes too. ;) They just came out with a cute water bottle as well! 

Counter Top Compost Bin >> There are a ton of options for these- but having a compost bin atop the counter makes it so much easier to use. When you're chopping up veggies, you can throw the stems or bruised parts right in there. I find that if the bin isn't on the counter, you are less likely to actually use it. Also- this one comes with the space on the inside of the lid for a charcoal filter which REALLY does reduce bad smells if you aren't good at taking it out frequently. Most of my waste is organic though, so I end up taking mine out pretty often. 

PF Candle >> These are by far the most amazing smelling candles. First of all- the name is PF, Pommes Frites. They named a bomb smelling candle company after FRENCH FRIES- love it. And no, the candles smell nothing like fast food. They smell natural- not perfumey, & pretty androgynous. They don't smell like fake cupcakes, or fruity lip gloss. They smell like nature. Like pine trees and essential oils. I burn these after I cook with the window open just to freshen up the space. (I cook with onions and garlic a lot... Not something I really want to linger.)